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Aromatic Expertise :

Dominique Baudoux, a Belgian Pharmacist internationally renowned for his works in scientific aromatherapy, reveals to us his innovative vision of aromatic skincare.

Inspired by his 20 year-long experience in essential oils as a founder of well-known  Pranarôm laboratory, he has used the best aromatic formulas to develop an organic certified range of eight intelligent skincare products.

Pranarôm cosmétique illustrates and personifies the values of aromatherapy at its best :
« On the skin. Through the skin. Beyond the skin. »

Aromatic Innovation :

Pranarôm cosmétique is an organic certified skincare range, containing the best chemotyped essential oils selected by Pranarôm laboratory.
Our products are meant for men and women who wish for an eco-friendly skincare really adapted to their skin type.

Our range of products can be customized to fit your personal skincare needs! Add a few drops of our targeted serums, PRANALIXIR, to your anti-ageing daily skincare routine with ADAPTARÔM products.